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Signicat - Identity Solutions

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Secure electronic identification and authentication

Signicat - Identity Solutions lets you integrate authentication and identification scenarios into your Salesforce environment through many verified electronic IDs.

Why you need this app

The Signicat - Identity Solutions application is ideal for any Salesforce customer who wants to digitally identify and authenticate individuals in their online business processes. Whether it is during onboarding, signing, self-registration, or logging in, Signicat - Identity Solutions assures users can easily identify and authenticate themselves using an electronic ID they trust.

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Opt for a secure and verified electronic identity solution

Online identity verification and authentication for Salesforce environments. Safe. Secure. Verified. While maintaining a great user experience. That’s our promise.

  • High identity assurance
  • Users make use of the electronic ID of their choice
  • Comply to regulatory requirements such as AML, KYC, eIDAS
  • Maintain a great user experience
  • Fast, clicks-no-code implementation
  • Standardized integration
  • Start using a trusted electronic ID in minutes, not days.
  • One connection to rule them all with only one point of integration

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“ The Signicat - Identity Solutions app is ideal for any Salesforce customer who deals with strict legislation on identity verification in their business processes. This app integrates international verified electronic IDs authenticators into Salesforce portals to deliver a safe online experience for their users.

Jaap Branderhorst – Director Appsolutely
Steve Thornhill
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