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Fully leverage your customer data with for Salesforce

The most up-to-date and complete data on your customers with just a few clicks? That’s what our for Salesforce app is all about. Seamlessly integrated with the Salesforce platform, it helps you identify opportunities and potential risks by providing you with real-time client information from trustworthy sources. A powerful instrument for admins and end users alike in both their risk and compliance as well as marketing and sales efforts.

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Why you need this app

Did you know that the average user of Salesforce spends about four hours a week entering data*? And that risk and compliance regulations are getting increasingly explicit, demanding that organizations have complete insight into their customer due diligence (CDD) processes?

On top of this, sales representatives spend:

  • 7 percent of their time prioritizing leads;
  • 8 percent on manually entering customer data;
  • 9 percent on prospect research; and
  • almost 66 percent of their time on administrative tasks and activities.
* Research done by the Salesforce Research Team for the State of Sales Report

The for Salesforce app allows users access to updated data, while spending more time getting to know their customers and less time on administrative tasks and maintenance, making well-informed and compliant business decisions.

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Your trusted companion for customer data

All the relevant, accurate, and validated business data you need at your fingertips. Instantly. By automatically checking, enriching, and updating your customer data, our for Salesforce app allows you to save at least 25% more time. Everything at hand to boost your sales, quickly identify risks, maximize adoption rates, and do your job better, faster, and safer.

  • A seamless integration with Salesforce brings you reliable customer data and innovative analytical functionalities.
  • The app informs you on potential financial risks by enriching business profiles in Salesforce with international credit data.
  • It also brings you a complete 360-degree customer view by automatically improving lead, contact, and account data, whilst maintaining data hygiene and keeping your Salesforce environment clean.
  • Integrated functionalities for customer onboarding and obligatory know-your-customer processes allow you to execute full and reliable risk and compliance checks.
  • Gain direct insight in your client’s organizational structure, including an overview of the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs), politically exposed persons (PEPs), adverse media screenings, and potential law enforcements.
  • With different modules, you create a customized app to even better suit your needs and you easily adapt API connections to existing trajectories.
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Hey, admins!

Did you know the app contains various admin-specific advantages as well? This is what for Salesforce has in store for you:

Adoption rate

Your adoption rate increases rapidly – the app requires a one-time installation for a set-it-and-forget-it workflow.

Highly configurable

The app is highly configurable to your users’ needs. Adding a declarative interface to the mix, ad-hoc product training becomes obsolete.

Data hygiene

Data hygiene is on-point, which means that you allow the end user the ability to rely on up-to-date, clean data regarding prospects.

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“The most up to date and complete corporate information on all your clients in the blink of an eye”

Steve Thornhill, Manager Services
Steve Thornhill
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Get on top of your customer data, this is how it works

The for Salesforce app offers validated and optimal data of high quality in just three steps. Get rid of incomplete or double customer data and start working more efficiently.

  1. Carry out a one-time clean up.
  2. Connect new leads or clients to the enhanced corporate information.
  3. Stay on top of your game with the update service.

Want to know more? We’re happy to get you up to speed!

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Play the for Salesforce introduction video

The for Salesforce app is developed thanks to a successful partnership with that allows us to exchange knowledge and expertise, and bring together the best of both worlds.

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