Stadlander has taken the next digital step to serve its customers even better

Stadlander has taken the next digital step to serve its customers even better

Consulting, App Development
Real Estate/Social Housing

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When housing corporation Stadlander noticed that a major reorganisation had compromised the level of service offered to tenants, they decided to optimise operational processes with the help of Salesforce. They completed various automation projects successfully thanks to Appsolutely’s knowledge and expertise. As a result, both tenants and employees are now happy with service levels and tenants are central again.


Stadlander’s vision

Stadlander is a housing corporation in the West Brabant and Tholen region, an area that is experiencing population shrinkage. Stadlander therefore advocates for sustainable homes where tenants can live happily with acceptable housing costs. In an environment that is clean and safe.

Stadlander, along with its stakeholders, has adopted a holistic approach of differentiated neighbourhoods and hubs. It is an efficient, financially healthy and robust corporation that is anchored in society.

The challenge

In 2015, Stadlander underwent a major reorganisation, after which four branches were closed. One of the consequences was that fewer employees were available to answer telephone calls. The idea was for tenants to submit their queries digitally, but this switch did not suit many tenants in practice. Tenants complained about long waiting times and poor accessibility to the corporation due to reduced call centre capacity.

In addition, Stadlander employees had insufficient or no insight into client files and were therefore not in a position to deal with tenants’ queries. This contributed to the dissatisfaction of tenants as well as Stadlander employees, so something had to change.

The result

Thanks to collaboration with Appsolutely, Stadlander was able to make tenants the focal point again. After a series of projects starting with linking personal accounts to the call centre, client queries can be managed better and it is better understood where tenants are in the process thanks to Salesforce applications.

That way, call centre staff and employees in the district now see the tenant’s whole history immediately, which enables them to deal with queries or complaints in a more personal and efficient manner. In addition, work was carried out on an ‘email to case’ application. Every email is therefore treated as a new case from the outset and client details are filled in straight away. This ensures emails are answered more quickly.

The signing process has also been improved. Although tenants already had the option of digital signatures, this was made more user-friendly. The whole process can be followed via Salesforce, from preparation of the contract to handing over the keys – and all the steps inbetween. In addition, it has become far easier to merge contracts thanks to standardisation of the many different contracts.

All in all, Stadlander can now focus on tenants in an efficient and personal way.

"It used to take 20 minutes to prepare a contract. Now it is done with 1 click." – Marizella van Ast, Project Administrator, Stadlander Klanthuis


Stadlander was one of Appsolutely’s first clients. Not only were the abovementioned projects executed and completed under the leadership of the Appsolutely team, but scrum methodology was also introduced. This new way of working took a great deal of getting use to in the beginning, but it has now been mastered completely by the Salesforce team. Scrum ensures there is regular communication, which benefits cooperation and progress of projects.

The future

Stadlander wants to develop Salesforce further in the near future. Although a 360-degree client view has already been achieved, one more step is still necessary in respect of standardisation and client management. Thanks to the acquired knowledge of Salesforce, Stadlander can continue operating more and more independently. One of Appsolutely’s first clients has therefore been equipped to tackle management of operational processes independently and to use smart processes to make people the focal point.