e-Con, Configuration Engine on top of Salesforce (CPQ)

e-Con, Configuration Engine on top of Salesforce (CPQ)

App Development

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Software developer e-Con has been developing configure-price-quote (CPQ) software that operates flawlessly in Microsoft environments for 20 years. They themselves say they are ‘married to Microsoft Dynamics’ in a technical sense. Appsolutely helped e-Con make this service compatible with Salesforce. e-Con is now a Salesforce AppExchange Partner and Appsolutely is the first Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) in Europe.

e-Con’s formula for success

e-Con’s configuration software immediately shows which options retailers offer with their products and also calculates the current price and delivery time based on availability of parts. e-Con increases transparency in the production chain and the likelihood of errors or miscommunications is minimal thanks to realistic visualisation and high-speed data processing.

After years of development and optimisation of software for Microsoft Dynamics, e-Con now wanted to make the CPQ application compatible with Salesforce.

The challenge

It was a strategic decision to offer their application on the Saleforce platform. A specialist partner was required for this. e-Con decided to partner with Appsolutely based on their track record, recommendations from the network, and because they got on well with the team.

The result

Thanks to Appsolutely’s high level of expertise and perseverance, e-Con developed a successful solution and made it available via the Salesforce AppExchange.

All objectives were achieved during the process: an application compatible with both Microsoft and Salesforce was developed. In addition, Appsolutely was able to accelerate the launch by supporting e-Con in identifying a good product-market combination. Besides, Appsolutely ensured the app meets Salesforce’s ‘security’ requirements. The latter is essential for every application that is offered via the AppExchange and is often a sticking point in the process.


Although collaboration between Appsolutely and e-Con came about as result of a specific go-to-market query and the building of a CPQ application, Appsolutely soon offered input in terms of generic integration with Salesforce so that it could be applied more widely.
The genuine enthusiasm for the development of this application and the chemistry between the e-Con and Appsolutely teams made for an enjoyable and exceptionally successful collaboration. The result is impressive: within a year, an application was developed to the level of the Microsoft application that had been worked on since 1999.

"The level we achieved with Microsoft after 20 years of development was achieved within a year with Salesforce." – Pieter Versloot, Marketing Manager, e-Con

"The collaboration with e-Con resulted in an application that adds a great deal of value to the Salesforce platform and the CPQ solution of Salesforce itself. e-Con enables the user to devise the most complex product configurations in an instant.” – Jaap Branderhorst, CTO, Appsolutely

The future

Following the success of this first collaborative effort, Appsolutely and e-Con have formed a partnership to further develop the existing minimal viable product (MVP) and further explore the market for CPQ on the Salesforce platform.
The added value that e-Con’s CPQ software could offer Salesforce users is being investigated. Appsolutely is working on a business model that involves training users in the use of CPQ software. This way, both companies can tap in to new markets and apply their expertise on behalf of a new target group. E-Con has meanwhile achieved the status of Salesforce AppExchange Partner and Appsolutely of Salesforce PDO Partner. That makes Appsolutely one of the first European companies that may use this title.